UPDATE FanX15: Palmer to Suit-up, Shrink as 'The Atom'

Thursday, February 05, 2015 by Iris with
Brandon Routh is currently attending Fan Xperience 2015 hosted by Salt Lake Comic Con where he talks about his projects from SCOTT PILGRIM, SUPERMAN RETURNS, ARROW, and even auditioning for The CW's SMALLVILLE. One juicy tidbit that he confirmed to fans is that we will 'absolutely' see Ray Palmer suited up as The Atom sometime this season.

UPDATE #2: Good 4 Utah spoke to Brandon about Superman and The Atom including how shrinking will be tackled! Does this confirm that the character will shrink?

Fans are anxiously awaiting Routh to really slip into this next super-powerful role. His character is going to put on the special 'Atom' suit later this season and become a hero that can be big or small, a challenge for the actor.

"The big part is easy I've got that, it's the shrinking part that is the problem. That will be done by computers thankfully. otherwise that would be kinda painful for me, said Routh.

UPDATE #1: Listen to his entire panel here - fast forward to 7:30.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:
"It's going to be red and blue. It's going to be mechanized. It's going to be pretty wicked," Routh said during a Friday panel at Salt Lake Comic Con's FanX. "It's going to be pretty powerful looking, and I think everybody's going to like it."

Routh said he's excited to play the Atom's alter ego, Ray Palmer, everyday. He loves comedy, and Palmer gives him a chance to delve into a fun character.
In addition, he is personally excited to appear on THE FLASH later this season as it's a 'fantastic show.'

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