ARROW Returns January 21, Ray Palmer's Future

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Hopefully we've all recovered from the aftermath of ARROW's midseason finale 'The Climb' which also featured more of the A.T.O.M. exo-suit fully realized. ARROW boss Marc Guggenheim spoke to IGN about how far along the A.T.O.M. super suit is and his master plans for Ray Palmer.

IGN: Last time I spoke to you [see the video above] at the Arrow/Flash screening you said you were waiting on an update on Ray's suit. Anything you can say now?
Guggenheim: I’m starting to see pieces of it. I’m literally getting pieces of it emailed to me, photographs of it. So it’s coming. Slowly but surely. You’ll get a little bit more of a sense of it with episode nine.

IGN: I know you said you’ve kind of changed your tune a bit from back when the season began as far as keeping superpowers off of Arrow. Ray’s making a suit but can you talk about the possibility of some size-changing that might go with that?
Guggenheim: We have a master plan as far as Ray Palmer’s concerned and I haven’t even had the chance to discuss the master plan with Brandon so I certainly don’t want him reading about it on the internet. But we have a plan that we’re really, really excited about. I hope in the next week or so to actually have a chance to talk Brandon through it and let him know what we have up our sleeve and I’ll leave it at that.
Source: IGN
ARROW returns Wednesday, January 21 at 8/7c on The CW.


River said...

I can't wait. So excited for Brandon, he's going to be awesome as the Atom. Love the Arrow as well, can't believe the midseason finale! Totally crazy! Love this show. Enjoy the break! Happy Holidays to everyone!


jules said...

Dido... Insane ending, how is Arrow coming back from this? Is the Atom going to have something to do with the Arrow surviving? Aaaaahhhh can't wait for January!!! Happy Holidays everyone!

Iris ( said...

Crossing my fingers for an Atom spin-off!

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