Photo: Brandon Ruins CHUCK's Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 by Iris with
Anticipating the return of CHUCK's most hated character of all time this Friday night at 8PM on NBC?

To sate your appetite, NBC has released an image from "Chuck vs. The Grinch." View it on Facebook.

Read what series star Zachary Levi and showrunner Chris Fedak had to say about Brandon's return this Friday night:
“He’s a tough one; he’s Superman; you can’t expect anything less. Look, it’s always fun when you get to have recurring themes or recurring characters, and you know, Brandon spent a lot of time with us. And I’ve known Brandon outside of work for years because we have mutual friends, so that’s always fun, too. In some ways it’s kind of cool to have even more closure than what was the closure before."

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