Brandon Joins CROOKED ARROWS Movie

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Updated 5/29: Brandon is in Maryland this weekend for the NCAA lacrosse championships where auditions are being held for CA.

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InsideLacrosse - Brandon Routh has signed to star in Crooked Arrows, an underdog sports movie set in the world of lacrosse, producers J. Todd Harris and Mitchell Peck have announced.
Brandon will be the perfect "Joe" – our hero, the reluctant coach who rediscovers his spirit while guiding his reservation’s high school lacrosse team on their unlikely journey to the prep school league championship game. In addition to having worldwide recognition from starring in a half-billion dollar hit, Brandon, 32, brings athletic and Native authenticity to the role. (The Iowa native has Kickapoo Tribe lineage, and remains a competitive soccer player.)
Brandon shared his thoughts on the film with InsideLacrosse:
"I was moved by the script," notes Routh. "While it has all the ingredients of a classic underdog sports movie, it actually appealed to me on a deeper level. I think the father-son and brother-sister dynamics of the story are compelling, as is the more spiritual Native American aspect."

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