"Fear Itself" 7/24

Friday, July 18, 2008 by Iris with
Updated July 23rd: View cast interviews here. The episode airs tomorrow.

Brandon's episode ("Community") of Fear Itself by the director of "American Psycho" airs next Thursday the 24th at 10 PM on NBC.

"When a young, married couple find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, their lives seem to be following the "American Dream". The dream slowly turns into a nightmare when they discover their new neighbors would go to any extreme to make sure the happy couple complies with their twisted sense of conformity."


Anonymous said...

Congrats Brandon on another great performance. Nice to see you play a variety of characters. Was a little freaked out at the end but that's what makes it a great suspense story. Hope married life is treating you well, and that your family wasn't hurt during the floods in Iowa a while back.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick FYI for all of Brandon's fans--Brandon and Courtney are featured in an article in this weeks (August 04,2006) "In Touch" magazine about how celebrity couples met. It's on page 78. Check it out!

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