Brandon on "Lie to Me" and Superman

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 by Iris with
Brandon recently spoke with Press-Telegram, a Long Beach publication, about his role in the independent drama Lie to Me which premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Saturday and the status of the "Superman Returns" sequel.

On "Lie to Me":

"It's an interesting date movie, maybe even an interesting first date. It puts it all out on the table and raises a lot of interesting subjects for people - things that are really important and what people my age are going through. Mainly, am I ready to commit to one person?"

On the SR sequel:

"Bryan was very open to communicating about the character and was very collaborative with me. We talked endlessly about the character and what he's going through. On set, we were on the same playing field. He's a genius and it's exciting to see him work. I think (`Superman Returns') is a beautiful film. I'm really, really proud of it and very excited to continue."

LTM director John Stewart Muller has provided br.c a PDF file from "944 Magazine" in which Brandon discusses LTM. View it in the gallery.

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Danny said...

Brandon should be really, really proud Superman Returns and his portrayal of the man of steel. Evertything about it was just perfect. The movie is an amazing story with second to none visuals, and Brandon couldn't have done a better job at Superman, Clark Kent and Kal-El. It's my personal favorite movie. I'm certain "Lie to Me" will be another work of art that Brandon will be proud of. The description sounds very interesting and it will be fun to see Brandon and Courtney on screne together. It will also be great to see Brandon as just a normal guy and a different dimension to his acting ability. I'm certain it will be a huge sucess just like all of Brandon's other performances.

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