Gallery Update

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One more fan photo from Collectormania11 has been added to the gallery.
- 2007 Collectormania11 [+1]

"Lie To Me" in Kansas City

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MyFox Kansas City was on-location at the Crossroads District in Kansas City, Missouri to report on filming being done for Lie To Me. Director John Stewart Muller and Co-Writer Laura Boersma provide insight into the film's setting and what's been shot so far.

Click here to view the news report.

"Lie To Me" in Excelsior Springs

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Excelsior Springs Standard visited the Missouri set of Lie To Me over the weekend.
Saturday’s scenes of a wedding, which will open the film, brought the crew and cast to the halfway point of their 24-day shooting schedule.

At The Elms, he shot scenes in a hot tub and the pool, in an upstairs hallway, in a guest room and Friday night, the cast and crew were up until nearly dawn shooting the wedding reception scene.

Gallery Update

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The following albums have been updated:
- 2007 Collectormania11 [+16] Thanks everyone!
- Jon Peters Receives Star on Walk of Fame [+9]

Brandon Joins "Lie To Me"

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Brandon is currently filming the role of "James" in writer/director John Stewart Muller's Lie To Me, an independent dramatic comedy from an original script, depicting the strains of one couple's open relationship as they find themselves falling for other people.

Brandon Routh re-teams with "Denial" co-star Courtney Ford and stars alongside Steve Sandvoss ("Latter Days") in this Steele Films Production.

For more information, visit our Lie To Me page.

Singer and Writers on SR2

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Collider interviewed Bryan Singer, Dan Harris, Michael Dougherty, and Gilbert Adler at the Saturn Awards on Thursday where they hinted at villains for the Superman sequel.

IESB has video interviews with them as well.

Saturn Awards Results

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The Saturn Awards were held Thursday night with Superman Returns earning 5 wins including a Best Actor honor for Brandon. Variety writes:
Warner Bros.' relaunch of the Man of Steel franchise garnered five kudos, including top fantasy film, directing honors for Bryan Singer and the top actor award for star Brandon Routh[...]

Q+A Session 4 Online

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The latest Q+A with Brandon is online now.

Brandon discusses Superman Returns, languages, animals, and more.


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Updated May 10th: Weekend pictures.

Thanks to "Azeem," "Hari," "Rose, T.", Abby, "Helen," "James Vincent," "Steven P.," "Craigyboy," and Planet members "faz," "Sarah_SpiritofSuperman aka (Sarah W.)," "Big Supes," "Inga," Lisa-Marie, Son Of Krypton and stop_killing_dead_things.

"faz" says:
"I travelled a round trip of over 200miles to Milton Keynes to see Brandon,
where I had my DVD of SR signed and one of the glossy photos they give you
also signed. I also had a photo session with him. What a marvellous day. Lots of queuing but it was well worth it. He came across very modest, not star-struck and I think somewhat overwhelmed by his popularity. He accommodated everyone's requests to the best of his
ability. And when having his photo taken with me, he joked, because I was so tall
(6ft 4") it made him have to stand more upright as to not feel 'short'!!"

"Sarah_SpiritofSuperman" says:
"Brandon was an abosolute diamond, I spent a fortune seeing him, and was thoroughly spoiled, scarily he knew my name by the end of Saturday, and we managed to colour co-ordinate outfits wihch was pretty cool, as had 2 official photos taken. I have nothing but good things to say about him, and am completely in awe of the man. I am definitely keeping the Superman Spirit alive as he dedicated on my last photo."

"Rose T." says:
"At the photo shoot he gave my mom the same kind of surprised "hullo?" reaction he gave Jason in SR (I don't think he suspected he has a 79 year old 4' 9" fan!) and was really sweet with her. When we went to get a couple of books signed later on, even though we were right at the end of the day he was still willing to listen and respond. As is so often said: a true gent. So much so that we did the 200 mile round trip again on Sunday just to see him again. As far as we could see he was still smiling and polite to everyone, even though with everyone staring and taking pictures all the time it must have felt like being in a goldfish bowl."

"Abby" says:
"He and looked happy to meet all the people did not get to say long as about 800 more people were trying to meet him but he looked at the photo i gave him and said it was cool how they got it to look like that"

"Helen" says:
"Met Brandon six times!!! He is absolutely lovely - I also had a quick chat with Courtney who was sitting behind him, she is also lovely. I told Brandon I thought he was great in Denial and he seemed quite suprised I had seen it. He also told me he liked my green 'S' tshirt as he mostly sees blue! He shook my hand and said great to meet you! I also congratulated him and Courtney on thier engagement and they seemed really pleased. At the signings, he was really happy to have a little chat and shake hands and he signed whatever we wanted. I asked him to sign "Swell!" on mine which he said was "original and cute and hadnt had that request before."

"James Vincent" says:
"It was superb! Brandon Routh was so friendly, and we spotted him twice walking though John Lewis! He was more than happy to stop and say hi!"

"Steven P." says:
"I got some photographs enlarged to 20 x 16 and I think Brandon was impressed. They look fantastic and I can't wait to get them framed and put up on my wall. While Brandon was there I gave him a comic book titled "Superman: The Wedding Album". I said I knew he recently got engaged and gave this to him as a present."

"Craigyboy" says:
"Had never got any autographs or pictures until today. one of the best 2 days of my life. I got my own picture taken with Brandon yesterday, and then got him to autograph it today. He also autographed a picture for my niece and also signed her cast on her broken arm. Had a quich chat, what a gentleman."

Brandon will be appearing this Saturday to Monday (extra day added) at Collectormania in Milton Keynes, UK this weekend where he'll sign autographs and have photos taken with fans.

If you'd like to share your pictures from the event, email me here.

Walk of Fame Photos

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Update: Stream video at YouTube.

Images from the event have been added.
- Peters Receives Star on Walk of Fame [+26]
Brandon will be attending a Salute to Youth Benefit Dinner for the Sherrif's Youth Foundation on Thursday.