"Superman Returns" Score Preview

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Soundtrack.net has the exclusive first listen to the highly anticipated score composed by John Ottman. Take a listen here by clicking on the track names. Read the very positive review of the score here. The score comes out via Rhino Records June 27.

"Superman Returns" June 28, 2006

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Updated June 2nd: Preorder tickets for the June 27th 10 PM showings at Fandango.

Superhero Hype! reports that conventional and IMAX theatres will start screening the film at 10 PM on Tuesday, June 27th.

The official site has been updated with flash. Also, Superhero Hype! is hearing that the running time may be 150 minutes (2.5 hours).

Warner Bros. has announced that Superman Returns is opening two days earlier than expected: Wednesday, June 28, giving the film an even longer July 4th holiday weekend opening.

New "Superman Returns" Trailer

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View it in high-res Quicktime and Windows Media or High Definition at Yahoo! Movies.

A small reminder that a new trailer, Trailer #4, is playing with X-Men: The Last Stand this weekend at the discretion of your theatre manager. Stay tuned for when this and the international trailers hit online.

Brandon at the Monaco Grand Prix

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Brandon, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey were at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend where Red Bull was promoting Superman Returns. Check out pictures at Formula 1, Getty, and the gallery.

View an interview at YouTube.

Interview with Superman CINEMA

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UK site Superman Cinema had the opportunity to interview Brandon online about his role in the upcoming summer film Superman Returns. Follow the link to read the insightful interview.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #5

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Updated May 25th: WB has provided links to the trailer in various sizes and formats here.

View the spot at YouTube. View screen captures in the gallery.

Superman Images from Chinese Newspaper

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"Andrew C" sent me a photo of a Chinese newspaper which printed three poster-like images from Superman Returns that may look familiar to many people. From left to right it shows Lex Luthor, Lois and Superman, and Superman.

"Superman Returns" Mobile

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SupermanReturns.com has been updated with a new mobile section where you can play a trivia game, win some official prizes, get news sent to your phone, and download official cell phone wallpaper.

Visit Superman Returns mobile.

Two New Stills from "Wired" Magazine

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Two new production photos of Brandon as The Man of Steel can be seen in director Bryan Singer's interview with Wired Magazine.

Check them out here.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #4

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View Spot #4 in various sizes and formats at the official site or stream it at YouTube.

"Superman Returns" International Trailer

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The third trailer for Superman Returns can be seen online now. This international trailer played with select prints of The Da Vinci Code this weekend.

Quicktime 56k | 100k | 300k | 500k
YouTube view

Stay tuned for links to high definition versions.

Best Buy Display

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San Diego Planet member "swguru2004" took four photos of a new Best Buy display stand set to hit the floor tomorrow, Sunday, May 21st. Various Superman-related dvds will be stocked in the display.

The display features a new photo of Brandon as Superman. Check out the photos here.

Magazine Contest Winners

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Congratulations to Charlie S. of Ohio, Michael J. of North Carolina, and Gerardo A. of California on winning a copy of Entertainment Weekly.

The next contest will be announced in a matter of days. I will be holding this special contest in conjunction with the official StephanBender.com.

"Superman Returns" TV Spot #2

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Updated May 19th: View the spot from WB in various sizes and formats and see screencaps in the gallery.

Also, it appears the new theatrical trailer is playing at select theatres in the UK in front of The Da Vinci Code. Read an awesome summary of the trailer at The Planet.

"Superman Returns" Poster and Trailer News

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Update: The poster is online at IGN now and can be purchased at eBay.

Superhero Hype! reports that the final Superman Returns poster can be seen at roughly 4 PM PST later today at IGN.

The second theatrical trailer will be seen in front of X-Men: The Last Stand next Friday but will probably debut online before then.

"Superman Returns" at Cannes

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Updated May 19th: View a big version of the Lois and Superman banner here.

It appears three Superman Returns posters can be seen at the Cannes Film Festival in France. They are of Brandon as Superman, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and Brandon as Superman. Click here and here to view them.

Magazine Alerts: SFX and British GQ

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Updated May 14th: "Dj in the UK" sent me scans from "British GQ." Check them out here.

Brandon's on the cover of British science fiction magazine SFX which is out now and sold at major bookstores in the US. Included in this issue is a free poster designed exclusively for the magazine by Bryan Hitch. Thanks to "johnsonuk" for the cover and free poster scans.

He also makes a 10-page (7-pages of photos) appearance in British GQ, which is out now.

Happy Mother's Day

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In honor of today, here's an article about Brandon's mom and what she and her family did for Brandon during his struggling model/actor years.

And for all you mothers with tiny tots, I may have something for them. Keep an eye out for an announcement in the next couple days.

"Superman Returns" Meet-Ups

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Justin of BlueTights.net has created a special section at The Planet forum for organizing local get-togethers to watch Superman Returns opening night. I am planning on attending the Hollywood, CA line-up with Justin and other Planet members if all goes according to plan. If anyone from the Bay Area wants to trek down there with me, let me know.

Head on over to The Planet to orgaznie meet-ups with others near you.

New "Superman Returns" TV Spot!

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View it in various sizes and formats at AICN and view screencaps here.

Upcoming Appearance: MTV Movie Awards

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Brandon will be one of many presenters at this year's MTV Movie Awards airing June 8th. His co-star, Kate Bosworth, is expected to present as well.

Read the full release.

New SR Footage in Superman Documentary

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New Superman Returns and Brandon Routh footage has made its way online in a trailer for the June 20th DVD release of the Bryan Singer/Kevin Burns-produced Superman documentary Look, Up In The Sky! which premieres at Toronto's Documentary Festival today. Most of the footage comes from the San Diego Comic Con/San Francisco WonderCon reels.

Read more about the documentary here, view the trailer in various formats here, and view screencaps in the gallery. For the highest streaming video quality, click here.

8th Annual Young Hollywood Awards

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Updated May 6th: The Official StephanBender.com has two pictures of Brandon with Stephan.

As previously reported, Brandon and girlfriend Courtney Ford attended Movieline's Hollywood Life 8th Annual Young Hollywood Awards today, April 30th, at LA's Music Box at The Fonda where he received the Diesel Superstar of Tomorrow award from presenter Kal Penn. Also in attendance was Stephan Bender (young Clark Kent).

View images from the event in the gallery or by clicking on the thumbnail.

Early SR Premiere for Des Moines

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Huge news. According to KCCI, Des Moines, Iowa will get a special early premiere of Superman Returns: June 25, a whole 5 days before the nationwide release.
The film is scheduled to open June 30 across the country, but NewsChannel 8 has learned that a special premiere showing will be held in Des Moines on June 25. There is word that Routh may attend the event.
In further trailer news, check out Brandon's parents' reaction to the trailer at KCCI.

"Superman Returns" Set Visit Reports

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Updated May 5th: Read the insightful CalendarLive interview here.

CalendarLive has up two photos of Brandon as himself and of Superman. Check them out here.

Justin at BlueTights.net has divided his set visit report into 8 parts below:

On the Set- Brandon Routh
On the Set- Mike Dougherty & Dan Harris
On the Set- Kate Bosworth
On the Set- Guy Dyas
On the Set- Kal Penn
On the Set- Chris Lee
On the Set- Louise Mingenbach & Dan Bronson
On the Set- Parker Posey

If you have any questions about the set visit, you may present them to Justin at this Planet thread.

Brandon at Kitson SR Charity Auction

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Updated May 4th: More video at TMZ and AP Video.

Iowan news channel KCCI.com has a video interview from the event. Click on "Routh Promotes Superman Doll At Event" on the right.

Check out photos from the event of Brandon with Kate Bosworth. Visit Kitson for film apparel and accessories. Bid on the autographed Mattel Barbie dolls signed by Brandon and Kate at eBay. Read an interview at IESB who saw the upcoming theatrical trailer that sounds ShoWest-esque.

Business Wire - Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Kitson are hosting an exclusive unveiling of the all-new Superman Returns apparel, accessories and fashion doll collection this evening at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills. This event is not open to the public.

Talent from the film including Brandon Routh (Superman/Clark Kent) and Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) will be on hand at the event to help celebrate this exciting new product launch.

New "Superman Returns" Trailer Online Now!

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SupermanReturns.com has it. View it. Put it on your iPod. The Man of Steel is back!

High definition screencaps of Brandon's scenes are in the gallery.