New Australian SR Commercial

Saturday, April 29, 2006 by Iris with
Updated April 30th: The 2.5 MB video (SR_Coke.avi) is online now! Click on the link to save the file to your computer (divx required). Special thanks to Planet member "clone_tk422" and "shinobi." You may view screencaps and the entire spot in the gallery.

Planet forum member "supermanvillain" emailed me pictures he took off his tv of Brandon as Superman saving an aircraft in trouble from a Warner Bros. Movie World/Coca-Cola commercial on Fox 8 (it's also been seen on Channels 7 and 10) in Australia which is being played on rotation. Here is his description of the scene. Spoilers ahead.
The close-ups: he is flying over an expressway, sort of doing a barrel role. Then you see the pilots' heads fly back: this is the explosion. The tail section of the plane has blown up. He obviously hears the explosion, then he flies, grabbing the wing (fire in the back ground, flames from the tail section). He looks cool and totally in control throughout whole thing. He is very powerful and very very very cool. You won't be disappointed.
Head to the gallery to view the batch of images. Special thanks to "supermanvillain." If you can capture his appearance, email me.

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